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Company History

January 1

Parts Warehouse Inc was created

New government regulations required the company to split into two companies.  Hence, Crow-Burlingame Co. continued to operate stores and Parts Warehouse Inc. was formed to handle warehouse distributions.  Moreover, in Memphis, Ozborn-Abston spun off Parts Inc. and in Fort Smith, The Automotive formed Motive Parts Warehouse.  Parts Warehouse started with..Read More
September 10

First Retirement Plan

The Employees Trust Fund was established and serves as the company’s retirement program.  This was our first effort to take care of our employees.  
January 3

Merge with Osborn-Abston and The Automotive Company

In 1932, CBCo formed a relationship with two other leading regional auto parts companies; The Memphis based Osborn-Abston Company and the Fort Smith based The Automotive Company.  As a result, this trio was called The Osborn, Crow & Yantis Company, or OYC.  At that time, it was the largest buying..Read More
June 1

CBCo was Established

Bob and Judge went to St. Louis.  They did not come back with an automobile, but did return with an idea: an accessory business for car dealers.  Crow-Burlingame Co. was founded as an Arkansas corporation in June 1919.  Two friends, formed an automobile accessory company, selling to the states car..Read More
March 3

“The Meet”

In the spring of 1903, William Robert Crow moved to Little Rock to take a job as a traveling produce salesman.  On a train to Conway, AR, he met a fellow named J.G. Burlingame.  They accidentally met several times that week while calling on customers and again at the end..Read More

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