CBCo was Established

Bob and Judge went to St. Louis.  They did not come back with an automobile, but did return with an idea: an accessory business for car dealers.  Crow-Burlingame Co. was founded as an Arkansas corporation in June 1919.  Two friends, formed an automobile accessory company, selling to the states car dealers many of the items which now come as standard equipment.  Originally, automobiles were shipped without common accessories; it was the responsibility of the dealer to equip them the way their customers wanted.  The plan was simple:  from anywhere in the state, dealers could call the number “main 464” and place an order for the parts they needed. Crow-Burlingame Co. took orders by phone and shipped overnight, statewide, by train.  Hence, the business was an overnight success.  However, with 41,548 cars registered in the US, the writing was on the wall:  automobiles were here to stay.